What Is the Best Vape Pen Starter Kit for Vaping CBD Vape Oil?

CBD Vape Oil

If you have decided that you would like to vape CBD, but are looking for something stronger than a CBD e liquid you should definitely go for a CBD vape oil instead. However this will require a device that is slightly different from what you would use to vape CBD e liquid. To vape a CBD vape oil you will need what is called a CBD vape pen in the UK. In this blog I will explain why this is the case and provide a suggestion on what I think is the best vape pen starter kit available. 

CBD vape oil is the purest way to vape CBD

PG and VG is the traditional base blend used in non-CBD e liquids. E liquids have many names such as vape juice, vapor liquid or e liquid juice. They can either come with nicotine or without, in which case it is just this PG / VG mix and flavouring agents. When they are CBD e liquids it is this PG / VG base but instead of flavouring or nicotine, hemp extract has been dissolved into this solution. As a result of this, the CBD is diluted down by the mixture and so usually ranges from 5 – 10% CBD. CBD vape oil on the other hand is just hemp extract and natural terpenes. It uses no carrier agents such as PG/VG or MCT – this means the CBD is much more concentrated and so more potent usually ranging from 55-65% CBD. It also means that vaping CBD in this way is much healthier as it is purer and contains no additional solvents that some worry may be harmful to inhale. This is particularly important for non-traditional vapers who are vaping CBD as it is the most effective way to get CBD into the body, but are not keen to vape any other, unnecessary ingredients.  

CBD vape oil is becoming more popular in the UK

Luckily if you are interested in oils over e liquids they are now becoming more popular over here in the UK.  Until fairly recently, it has been quite hard to find a good strong option for a CBD cartridge. Most vape shops tend to have a wide range of CBD e liquids with very few, if any CBD vape oil options. Thankfully, we are beginning to see the UK market be influenced by what is going on in the US where vaping thicker concentrates and extracts are favoured. 

CBD vape oil is requires a device that is able to heat up thicker extracts and oils

In the US, they call the type of vaping device that is used specifically for thicker oils and extracts a marijuana or cannabis vape pen. In the UK, some places will still call it that, but it would be more accurate to say a CBD vape pen, given that all cannabis products in the UK are derived from hemp and contain zero to no THC. Vape pens have the higher voltage settings required to be able to heat up the concentrate and turn it into vapor. Some also come with a pre-heat functionality to give the oil an initial warm up blast from cold to get the oil primed and ready to vape! 

A vape pen is usually a 510 thread battery so will need to be paired with 510 compatible cartridges

The most common vape pens are slim and lightweight pen designed with a 510 thread at the top where you will twist in your choice of cartridge. 510 thread is the most commonly available on the market so will give you the most selection of cartridges to pick from. To activate many will have a button you turn on and can select a setting or pre-heat function with a range of LED lights that will turn on when you vape so you know it is working.  The vape pen whilst also being the type of device that works with oils is also favoured as it is more discreet to vape and easy to carry around

If you are new to vaping, I’d suggest going with a vape pen starter kit to get you going! 

In my opinion, especially if you are trying vaping CBD oils for the first time, you should go with a vape pen starter kit as then you will have all that is needed to help you on your way. There are many options if you go this route, but a couple of tips: 

1) get a reusable one, even if you aren’t sure on whether vaping CBD is right for you, you don’t need to go with a disposable option as there are still good quality, cheap vape pen starter kits available that are better for the environment 

2) go with a brand that has a selection and good CBD vape oil – do not just go with a brand that has a good vape device but poor quality vape oils, it’s always better (both for you and the wallet) to stick with one brand that do both well

On point 2, my current suggestion is a brand called Paso. As I mentioned earlier there are not that many options for high concentration CBD oil cartridges in the UK. However, Paso has both a delicious range of CBD oil cartridges (65%) and a premium functionality, but affordable vape pen. What’s also great though is they originally began with just CBD e liquids so their vape pen works for both CBD e liquids and CBD vape oils with its variable voltage settings. 

Let me know if you have come across any other good vape pen starter kits in the UK. 


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