What A Customizable Ute Tray Can Do For You!

ute trays

Aussies love their utes because they are such robust, versatile vehicles. Australians purchased nearly 1.8 million new 4×4 utes in the last decade to give you an idea of how popular they are! You can’t go down the road without seeing these durable and dependable automobiles, they are so well-suited to the continent’s extreme weather and rugged landscapes!

Utes are extremely adaptable and can be used for a wide variety of work and play activities! You can carry your surfboards and diving gear out to the beach, or haul the rubbish out to the tip in them! With the installation of customized ute trays the applications are practically endless! Utes are made to go anywhere and do anything. If you are a tradie, a customised ute tray is an essential addition! Let’s now consider the uses and benefits that ute trays can deliver!

    • Gear Storage – Whether you are a tradie out on the road, a construction worker heading to the next job site, or a camper out exploring the wilderness, a ute tray is the perfect place to store your gear! Every driver is going to appreciate having an under-tray storage compartment to safely stow emergency equipment like jumper cables, flares, jacks, cones, and a first aid kit in! Ute trays offer you the option of adding drawers that you can organise your necessary items in, separating your various tools and equipment so they are easy to locate and access. Instead of having to dig through a jumbled box, you simply pull out a drawer, saving you precious time you could spend getting work done or having fun!

    • Safety For Your Valuable Items – It’s easy to have locks and security devices installed on all of those sturdy drawers and storage compartments so you can rest easy knowing your valuable items are safe and sound when your ute needs to be left unattended! It will no longer be necessary to go through all the time and trouble of having to unload and stow away your expensive tools and equipment in the house every night when you get home to prevent theft, which will allow you to sleep better!

    • Customization – Your new ute tray can be customised to do whatever duties you need it to, with an incredible selection of accessories and designs you can choose from, and change around as you wish! Not only can you create specialized drawers and storage solutions, you can also pick and choose from a wide palette of colours, finishes, and types of materials to achieve the exact look and feel you desire! For example, you can have everything done in long-lasting and durable aluminium with a shiny finish, or go with tough, no-nonsense steel in a black matte finish. Need it to be purple? Your wish is their command! The ute tray is possibly the most flexible automotive feature in existence, with nearly unlimited options for customization.

Utes are built to last and so are ute trays, so you can expect many years of reliable service from your vehicle, it’s there for you over the long haul, and ready to go anywhere!

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