UGC Marketing – Benefits of Doing it and Best Tools to Implement

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UGC Marketing – Benefits of Doing it and Best Tools to Implement


In the current era, user-generated content has become an integral part of your business marketing strategy. Here customers are geared up to talk incoherently about your online products and services. 


UGC is a strong tool for marketers to promote their brand online. Come down to its core, UGC is a demonstration of positive support. Therefore, in this article, we will uncover the advantages of user-generated content in marketing and the best tools to implement it.


What is user-generated content?

When an independent or unpaid contributor posts some hashtags, images, videos, or text about a particular brand or company on social media, that is authoritatively known to be user-generated content or UGC. 


The social media admirer of any particular brand or product is an ideal example of user-generated content. Using diverse hashtags and posts, the fans of a particular brand generate hashtags that are a great way of UGC marketing. 


Nowadays, brands are becoming more conscious about the power of UGC campaigns and thus implementing more and more UGC content into their marketing strategies. There are varied ways to uplift your campaigns and foster revenue, such as hashtag competitions, social media contests, and many more.


What are the benefits of doing it?


Higher conversion rates


For all the marketers, traffic is one of the key performance indicators; however, without conversions, it is pointless. Marketers always look for some of the easy ways to increase conversions. 


The brand produced content convert rate is lesser than the user-generated content, making it essential for every marketer. It is well said that instead of working harder, you must work smarter. Thus if you are paying no heed to this, then definitely you are making your brand marketing more challenging. 



This is a question that comes to every mind that how UGC provides authenticity? The answer to this question is genuineness and originality in your ads. 


Do the advertisements you provide look authentic? Are consumers enjoying your product and noticing like it’s money well spent? Or on the other hand, it is a typical air-brushed photo that clients will directly scroll past and hardly notice? 


Studies have indicated that customers lean towards more authentic content with respect to the traditional ads. That’s a huge takeout, your consumers lean towards authentic over traditional, and authentic is more affordable to create. 




As we all know that there are several fraud profiles, fake news, and hacked accounts prevailing more than ever. Thus when thinking about making a purchase, social proof, and reliability can be a determining factor in the process of decision-making.


Nowadays, it is a common thing among the consumers to look over product ratings and online customer reviews prior to making a purchase. This, as a result, specifies the significance of social proof.


Audience perception or feedback


UGC is a superb marketing strategy that lets you know your customer choices regarding packaging, pricing, product, and even in-store or online services. 


It lets you obtain unprompted consumer opinions, and the things matter to them. Therefore this will let you know your audience, their pain, satisfaction points, and even the type of content they appreciate or connect with. 


Best User Generated Marketing Tools




Taggbox is a magnificent and wonderful tool to implement UGC. With the support of this tool, you can aggregate content from all social media platforms in one feed. Additionally, it helps you study the reports for your marketing research objectives. 


This platform will lend a helping hand to examine market trends and user behavior in the opinion of specific mentions, hashtags, account handles, and many more.




Pixlee is another substantial UGC platform to help brands in their marketing with the voice of their customers. However, it presents an exceptional influencer marketing element.


To set out the built-in influencer marketing functionality, they use the term “Social CRM” on the Pixlee site. This social CRM presides over and connects with passionate customers and influencers and measures the results.




ShortStack is another pioneer in the business that authorizes brands to create contests, giveaways, and other kinds of online competitions and promotions. These open-ended services permit you to kick off the formation of your promotions by customizing any one of a long list of templates. 


ShortStack clients time and time again opt to conduct photo and video contests, which are promoted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more.




Another important and strong tool to gather social content from different sources in Stackla. For user-generated content tagging, it uses visual recognition technology and geolocation. 


Stackla’s co-pilot product introduces an AI element, which uses machine learning to distinguish patterns in the content its clients publish and measure engagement, bringing about prescient recommendations.


A final note to consider


User-generated content can help you gain a competitive edge by our spreading knowledge about your business and consolidating your brand image. Now, using the above tips, you can use UGC to drive a powerful online presence and targeted user-engagement. 


To ensure success, there is no one-size-fits point of view to collect UGC. Every UGC strategy is dependent on specific business goals and target audiences. By utilizing viable techniques, you can provide legitimate guidance to your UGC efforts.


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