Top Best Fashion Chains Or A Solid Bracelet For Women

chains or a solid bracelet

This season’s accessories are fun, bold, sparkly, and totally refreshing. After a season focused on comfort and staying in people are ready to have some adventure again. That sense of freedom is reflected in the styles that are staying strong this season. Funky 70’s styles like fringe and suede are here to stay as are the 20’s with their bold sparkling fabrics and intricate beading. Styles from the 90’s that we all love are here to stay as well from bold graphics to elevated prints like gingham or plaid.

For fall of 2021 and winter of 2022 there are so many fun ways to try out different accessory styles. From boho tote bags, to silk accessories like scarves and scrunches, and loads of sparkle and shine the trends this season cover a wide range. You can find a trend to fit your individual style.

The first trend we have our eye on is the statement belt. We love this trend because its actually timeless. Bold belts come in and out of style but can always look modern and edgy. Give your favorite shift dress a tapered look with a cinched waist. Leave a button up shirt half open and then top with a bold belt to give your look some much needed shape. We love statement belts because they can tie together your whole look whether you need some sparkle or a pop of color.

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The second and next trend we have seen everywhere is the beloved silk trend. From silk scarves to silk scrunches you can add a classy touch with a silk piece. Not only can they add a fun pop of color but they also protect your hair if worn as a head scarf. If you have a silk scarf you love you can wear it as a headband, head scarf, tie it to a bag, or wear it as a ponytail holder. You can also wear a silk scarf around your neck with a turtleneck for a French chic look. Silk scrunchies not only work as a ponytail holder but also as an accessory for your wrist. We love any silk item as an effortless feature to elevate even the simplest outfit.

The third and next trend we are loving is are carry all bags. From oversized tote bags to big boho bags these catch all bags carry all you need. Tiny bags have been all the rage but thankfully the much more practical carry alls are back in style. You can carry your books, notebook, makeup, and umbrella without comprising style with these sleek handbag options.

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The fourth and next trend is chunky gold jewelry. This trend has been here to stay for a while. No outfit is complete without your own line up of jewelry. We love a stack of gold chunky chains or a solid bracelet stack. Pile on a few different chain styles for a stack that has texture and shine. Dress up your everyday outfit with a charm bracelet and sleek chains too. Pile on a stack of rings from signet rings to chains rings to

The fifth and last trend is chunky boots. This style comes in and out of favor every other year. However it is a classic punk and edgy style we love to wear. From Doc Martens to platform boots to knee high options you can find so many ultra cool styles to fit into your wardrobe. We hope you find at least one accessory you already have in your wardrobe so you can be on trend for less. When you try a new trend make sure you love it the first time you see it or it will fade out of favor faster than you think!

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