The Life of Junko Furuta: The Shocking Truth Behind It

Junko Furuta

Knowing about historical personalities often creates an urge to dig deeper. Sometimes this urge is strong that people start researching such personalities. Junko Furuta is one such personality and is highly controversial too.  She is a famous name in history as her life was terribly altered due to a brutal incident. She died in this incident and it shook the world with utter horror.

NameJunko Faruta
LocationAdachi City, Japan
Date25th November, 1988 , 4th January, 1989
Body Discovered29th  March 1989, Koto City, Tokyo, Japan
Born18th  January 1971, Misato, Saitama, Japan
Cause of DeathMurder (traumatic shock)
Died4th January 1989 (aged 17), Adachi, Tokyo, Japan
Height5 fit 5 inch (165 c.m)

Junko Furuta: Know about Her

Junko Furuta was a Japanese girl, 16 years old, like any other bright teenager. She was a student at a Japanese school Saitama Yashio-Miami High School. She had a beautiful family of her parents, older and younger brother. Junko Furuta was a very decent, obedient, and productive girl who aimed to get every success in her lifetime. Like all other normal teenagers, she also used to work a part-time job and save money for her dreams.

She had every good quality in her which might be a trigger for her unfortunate ending. She was brutally tortured, raped, and killed by her classmates which is the prime reason for people’s interest in her.

She was a very decent, obedient, and productive girl who aimed to get every success in her lifetime.

The Connection of Junko Furuta with the Kidnappers

The main culprit of this heinous Junko Furuta case Hiroshi Miyano was a school bully and often disturbed Junko and the other students. He also used to brag to be connected with Yakuza. As per the other students, Miyano started liking Junko and conveyed this to her. In the due course, Junko turned down his proposal which made him super mad.

After a few days after this incident, Miyano and Minato were roaming in a park and saw Junko coming which generated fury in them and they kidnapped her.

Minato’s parents stated that Junko was their son’s girlfriend and often she spent time with him. However, they also admitted that Junko was reluctant sometimes to come to this home. They also acknowledged their son’s violent nature and tendency to do harm to others.

The Starting of the Suffering of Junko Furuta

Let’s begin with the story. Junko Furuta was tortured to death by her classmates named Hiroshi Miyano, Jo Ogura, Minato Nobuharu,and Yasushi Watanabe. Junko was a greatly submissive girl and she was totally clean from drinks and drugs. In addition, Junko was very good-looking and intelligent as well. So naturally, she was much noticed by everyone and there were people who really cared about her.

One of the culprits, Hiroshi Miyano used to like Junko which was also a trigger for him to get her without her will. Her classmates kidnapped her on 25th November 1988 kidnapped her and confined her for 44 consecutive days until she dies out of torture. On the day of the mishap, she was coming riding on her bike from her part-time job. Suddenly she fell down because of a random boy. At this moment, Miyano came to help her, but soon she realized that she was going to be kidnapped by Miyano and his friends.

The torture episode starts by compelling her to tell her parents that she had run away willingly. They also made her tell that she was going to live with a friend for a couple of days. Thus, her parents thought that she was not in any danger and would return home safely after a few days.

The Torture Episode o Junko Furuta

By reading the description of the torture, the whole world was shaken with fear. It was not only about the torture done to her, but also it is about the miserable mentality of those four teenagers who degraded to the last level of inhumanity to do such things.

During captivity, Junko was asked to remain naked all the time. They raped her several times in a warehouse. They also took her to a nearby hotel and abuse her there. It was estimated that during these 44 days, Junko Furuta faced 500 rapes which nearly brought her to death.

The kidnappers planned to keep her for more days so that they could increase the number of abusers. These boys also had a terrible track record of gangrape and earlier. They used to inhumanly beat Junko with the golf club. In addition, they brutally hit her face against the cement floor which caused severe physical damage.

Apart from them, 100 different men used to rape her on a daily basis and used to do vulgar things such as urinating on her. Junka Furuta even threatened to masturbate in front of them and their guests. The four boys used to harm her with scissors, bottles, night bulbs, and many other things. These inhuman creatures used to insert skewers, iron, and roasting needles into her vagina. They even left her without any food and forced her to drink urine or eat cockroaches.

During the captivative period, these boys used to hang her from the ceiling and treat her like a punching bag. She was fully assaulted, forced to stay in the worst situation, and crushed her body with dumbells. They even monstrously burnt her genitals, eyelids, and many other body parts with cigarette lighter. She could not even stand and used to crawl the entire time.

There was blood clotted in her nose and she could not breathe properly. The kidnappers used to lock her in the refrigerator which made her situation worse.

Death of Junko Furuta

On the 20th day of suffering, she somehow managed to contact the emergency number. However, these cruel boys caught that and disconnected the call. Junko could not reach the police anymore. Because of this, the boys punished her by burning her legs. It caused her loss of ability to walk.

Junko started collapsing on the 30th day. She stopped urinating from this time. Her ears, eyes, and face were completely damaged. Being helpless with such an unendurable pain, Junko Furuta begged her death. Finally, the boys killed her on the 44th day.

However, they also killed her with unmeasurable brutality. They hit her body again and again with dumbells till it was completely mutilated. Afterward, they burnt her face, legs, and stomach by pouring lighter fluid.This deadly torture continued for two hours and finally on 4th January 1989, Junko Furuta died and ended her immeasurable pain.

The Investigation of Junko Furuta’s Death

Within 24 hours of killing Junko, the boys started to cover up their crimes with several means. Finally, these culprits wrapped Junko in a blanket and put her into a travel bag. Afterward, they keep the body in a drum and sealed it with cement.

However, after a few days, when police started investigating the disappearance of Junko Furuta they found a woman’s underwear at Miyano’s place. Soon the other boys confessed to the crime and they were taken into custody.

The Punishment of the Culprits of Caso Junko Furuta

The culprits were not well-punished due to their age. They were all juveniles and they could escape the demanded punishment which was either death or lifetime imprisonment. The court declared Miyano the masterhead of this crime and sentenced him to 17 years in prison.

The Response to the Story of Shin Gendai Gyoukiden Junko Furuta

The severe brutality that happened to this little girl filled the entire world with fear, pity, and hatred for these boys. Present time social media is also very vocal about her death. There are numerous people who pay their inner blessings to this wretched soul and pray for her salvation. The tweets and social media posts brought her case into the limelight. Where is Junko Furuta family now is not known clearly. Her mother was completely devastated and got sick and the whole world is praying for her recovery.

Apart from this, some of her life story also inspired several writers and filmmakers. There are Junko Furuta Manga and books written about her, and there are also films on her sad life course. The 2004 Japanese film named “Concrete” is based on this true story.

The Controversies and Criticism

However, many controversies are there regarding the murder of Junko Furuta. People spread numerous rumours about this incident. They even judged the victim by her character and circulate hoaxes everywhere.

Here lies the negative side of society. People often failed to provide proper care to the people who really want it. In addition, society also fails to condition teenagers properly to keep them out of crime. It is clearly seen that the boys who had done this heinous crime were under the compulsion of getting rejected by Junko Furuta. They might also get the urge to kill this innocent girl as she was loved by everyone for her nice nature which they had not received.

So, it is the duty of every human being to be responsible enough to treat every child and teenager properly so that they do not choose the wrong path. However, in this case, the brutality was unable to describe in words which clearly indicated to mental unstableness of these boys.


Whatever happened to Junko Furuta is not acceptable and people should be very aware of their teen’s lifestyle. They should provide extra care to the teens during this age and help them to realize the world better. To this date, the death of Junko Furuta is remembered by everyone and the light of prayer for her soul will never extinguish.

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