Signs You Are Addicted To Binge-Watch- And The Best Solution To Cure

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A day or week full of work pressure results in tiredness both physically and mentally. Now you need refreshment. The best and easiest option for you is to stream into OTT. If you have a subscription to any of the OTT platforms, chances are most that you ever trapped into Binge-watch.

In the recent past year, Binge-watching become the new normal of life. Even the 2015 Collins English Dictionary Word of the Year was “Binge-Watch”.

Science Behind Binge-Watch

Ten years ago media industries were TV, DVD boxes, and cable networks. But in recent times digital online platforms changed the whole system. A mobile and an active internet connection are enough for entertainment. Streaming service providers like Netflix, Amazon, or Disney+hotstar grabbing the market. It is easy to access and the affordability factor made people more attentive to Bing-Watch. Moreover, popular anime shows or amazing web series are mostly found on these types of streaming platforms.

Signs You Are Addicted-

As per a psychologist, if you have the following signs, you are truly addicted to the streaming platform.

. If you are too involved in shows, every time you think about what will happen next. That means your mind is already occupied.

·         If you thought just one more episode and I will sleep, then you are in the biggest myth. You will already be trapped in inevitable excitement.

·         You are watching the shows late at night. In the morning you have important work, and still, you are streaming, which means you truly addicted to Binge-Watch

·         Some people streamed in the time cooking, traveling even in time of taking food, and driving. Like they are not following shows, TV shows are following him.

Consequence of Binge-Watch

A long time before the screen, streaming web shows at whole night, and going to sleep at dawn is very hazardous for health.

·         It’s a matter of time, when you are addicted to it, you start an argument with your family.

·         Your daily day-to-day work will be hampered.

·         Your academic and professional career growth will be down

·         Moreover it will surely hamper your night. You will spend more sleepless nights.

·         Serious health issues like high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression will be faced.

·         Besides all of that it will surely increase your anger and due to over-consuming, you can face some serious psychological issues.

How To Deal With It?

· The first thing to do is just try to out all of these things from your mind. Start uninstalling all of these apps. Unsubscribe from all of your membership plans.

·         All addictions can be cured through counseling sessions. Being addicted to something is very dangerous. Although it can be cured slowly and steadily.

·         Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a very useful thing at this time. It is one type of talking therapy. It is used in times of anxiety and depression.

·         Find a useful replacement. Think twice if you have not watched these shows, what could be done? And find something very useful that can be replaced.

·         Plan everything before the start of your day. Do all of your important work. Try to keep always busy.

·         Connects with other people. Spend more time with family. Participate in various group parties.

·         Back in childhood. Try to remember what your favorite things in childhood are. And do it.

·         Moreover always keep in touch with a doctor. If you feel anything serious, first consult with a doctor.


Always there is a big gap between mind refreshment moment and addiction. If you love watching online TV shows, control it. Some people are so addicted to the binge watch that they are caused by road accidents or other injuries.

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