How to Use Instagram To Promote Black Friday Products


As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to concentrate your marketing efforts on Black Friday, the most significant shopping holiday of the year. In the US, Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving; in recent years, this tradition has spread to other nations. It would be best if you were even more anticipatory of Black Friday as a company owner. Instead of merely looking for sales, you may use social media to reach new audiences and turn a healthy profit in a single day! Learn how to utilize Instagram in 2023 to advertise Black Friday deals and merchandise by reading on:

Create a Marketing Plan for Black Friday

The moniker “Black Friday” originated in the 1950s when large crowds would descend upon Philadelphia on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Tourists and consumers gathered in these throngs wanted to indulge in retail therapy before heading to the Army-Navy football game. Retailers quickly came to understand the significance of Black Friday. They could see how it would enable them to close the year “in the black” instead of “in the red.”

It’s time to start working on your Instagram Black Friday marketing plan with blastup if you want to close the year on a positive note. Clever advertising may be used to advertise special offers and early bird discounts. Most significantly, Instagram may be used to convey a feeling of urgency. You may link to your Instagram post from your website by adding a countdown timer.

About your website, it needs to be ready for Black Friday. If you fail to incorporate pertinent keywords associated with Black Friday shopping and offers, Google will not display your website on the first page. Since most clients want to check your promos on their phones, you must ensure your website is fully mobile-friendly.

Make use of Instagram Stories

One great tool for establishing that sense of urgency is Instagram Stories. You may offer teasers for new products and limited-time promotions with this functionality. You may utilize polls to determine how your followers feel about your Black Friday deals and incorporate the countdown into your articles.

During Black Friday, you may utilize Stories to persuade your followers to keep shopping with you. Write tales that encourage exclusive gifts or loyalty points for loyal customers. Outside of significant buying occasions, extra benefits like loyalty programs aid in fostering brand loyalty.

Organise Marketing Campaigns With the assistance of Skilled Influencers and Content Creators

Instagram is one of the social media platforms where influencer marketing is more popular than ever. Undoubtedly, it’s among the most excellent strategies for your company to boost sales on Black Friday and throughout the year. This is particularly valid if you design your goods with Gen Z and Millennial consumers in mind. The opinions of influencers are more credible than those of celebrities for each of these consumer groups. Customers are more likely to purchase from you if they observe that your brand is associated with a reliable influencer or content provider.

If you own an authentic and modern store, getting more customers is straightforward. Request that an influencer use your store as the backdrop for their Instagram videos. Products from racks and shelves can be introduced, and live demonstrations can even be provided. This will get customers into your business and build anticipation for Black Friday.

Encourage Minimum Spending Offers

Minimum spend promotions are pretty popular on Black Friday. For example, many big-box franchises or chains incentivize consumers with a particular spending threshold. The same applies to Black Friday. Give clients who spend a certain amount of money on same-day gift cards, coupons, or other presents. If you include free shipping in your minimum purchase deals, you’ll see a sharp increase in interest in your company. Customers tend to purchase online more often if shipping is free. This is excellent news if you purchase online or use a combination of online and offline methods.

Develop Campaigns Across Channels

You should use other channels for your marketing initiatives, even if you start them on your website or Instagram. You must be accessible to potential clients via social media, phone, email, WhatsApp, and a chatbot on your website. The premise underlying omnichannel marketing is meeting clients where they are and on the channels they want.

Even while Instagram may help you reach a broad audience, email will introduce you to a whole new audience. Or you might use WhatsApp to find a new target market. Experimenting with omnichannel marketing is always a good idea, and Black Friday is a great place to start if you haven’t before.

Remember About Cyber Monday

Remember to include Cyber Monday in your marketing if you are an online seller of goods. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and Thanksgiving. With an emphasis on online-only sales, it is the second-biggest shopping day of the year. Due mainly to COVID-19 limitations, Cyber Monday surpassed Black Friday as the most significant shopping day in 2020, bringing in a staggering $10.8 billion in online sales instead of Black Friday’s $9 billion.

In 2023, Cyber Monday will still be very important to consumers as it allows them to buy from home and score amazing discounts. If you own an online store, You may use Instagram posts to direct your followers to your Cyber Monday bargains.

It’s critical to Track Campaign Performance

It is essential to track the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns in the run-up to Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Replace a sluggish campaign with one that is more engaging if one fails. In particular, Instagram Insights offers valuable information on reach, engagement, and conversion. This data lets you optimize your Black Friday deals and fine-tune your marketing activities.


Instagram is among the best channels for advertising Black Friday specials and merchandise. You can maximize this popular shopping occasion and boost your company’s sales to unprecedented levels if you take the time to design engaging content that appeals to your target demographic.

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