Meeting Room Scheduling: Tips for Getting It Right

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In research by Senior, it was discovered that employees spend about an hour every week (or one full day per year) looking for workspaces, coworkers, and meeting rooms. 

The right technology will make conference room scheduling easy for these professionals. 

Here are some tips for restoring your conference room’s productivity. 

Scheduling conference rooms is important

Employees don’t always come to work, but when they do, it’s usually to collaborate with their colleagues in person. They schedule several face-to-face meetings during their busy schedules to make the most of their time. Not always, they will reserve conference rooms and schedule meetings in advance. In 20 minutes, they can go over important project details with someone they have been meaning to talk with rather than going back and forth via email for weeks. 

One of our employees might need to book an impromptu meeting room for an important client that just arrived. It is imperative that they find the most appropriate conference room for their needs that day. When it comes to creative work, a team of five or six may need to brainstorm together with a manager. 

The logistics of booking a conference room become more complex when a company grows into multiple locations across the globe.

It is easy to track down the conference rooms you need with a simple, reliable scheduling process. 

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Meeting room scheduling software’s benefits

Employees can schedule conference rooms from anywhere, whether they are at home, on their way to work, or working remotely. You can also schedule multiple conference rooms at the same time with your Desk booking software. In a building or across the city, many conferences can be held at once. Software for scheduling conference rooms offers many advantages, including: 


Conference room booking solutions go wherever your employees go, since they rarely stay in one place for long. They can find an available room and book it by simply opening a mobile app.

Increasing the utilization of conference rooms through insights

Scheduling software for conference rooms helps you make better use of space, fix broken or missing assets, and be more proactive with maintenance. You may find, for instance, that a particular room is only used 25% of the time during a typical day in your room booking system. The room, however, is designed to hold 12 people, and the average meeting size is only four. You can greatly improve utilization of a large conference room by dividing it into two smaller rooms with partitions or working walls. 

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