My Wife Yells at Me: Possible Reasons and Ways to Handle It

my wife yells at me

Are you searching for an answer to ‘Why my wife yells at me’? Then you have landed in the right place. Conflicts are inevitable in relationships. Either, there can be legitimate reasons behind your wife’s aggressive behavior or she knows no other way to communicate her feelings or views. Whatever the reason is, constant arguments lead to extreme emotional abuse. This is the reason why it is important to address the roots of her anger and how to handle such abusive behavior. 

Common Reasons Why Your Wife Yells 

If ‘Why my wife yells at me’ has become a recurring question, you should be aware of the following possible reasons.

You are Avoiding Responsibility

A very common reason why your wife can behave aggressively towards you is when she feels you are not taking enough responsibility. For instance, she asks you to bring the kids from school, and you forget to do that completely. It is not surprising that she will get angry and yell at you. 

She is Feeling Neglected

The feeling of being neglected is extremely frustrating and disheartening. There can be times when your wife can feel that you are not prioritizing her, and listening to what she is saying or validating her concerns. Such discontentment over a long time eventually leads to outbursts of emotions and that might prompt her to yell. 

She is in Financial Worries

Financial instability is a major issue that can affect your relationship. Your wife can start feeling anxious and tense if the household income is not adequate to meet expenses. It can also happen if you are the only breadwinner of the family and she can’t contribute enough. All these feelings boil down at a point and she starts expressing the same by shouting at you. 

Past Trauma and Abuse

Wondering ‘Why does my wife yell at me?’ If your wife had to go through traumas and abuse in the past, it is very likely for her to behave differently when she comes under pressure or receives negative or indifferent behavior from you. She can develop trust issues or can start feeling threatened with time which can push her towards an angry outburst. 

She is Feeling Stressed and Helpless 

It is very normal for her to react aggressively if she feels stressed in her daily life or work. You must ensure that she is not overwhelmed with work and duties and that she is handling everything single-handedly. Your wife can be worried about her kids, job, or social life. 

Considers You to be Weak and Disrespects You

Are you thinking about ‘why my wife is yelling at me all the time?’. It can be because she feels that she can easily dominate you or thinks you do not have decision-making abilities and hence disrespects you.  

My Wife Yells at Me: Ways to Handle Her Temperament 

Here are some of the ways which will help you to handle your wife’s aggressive behavior and stop her from yelling: 

Convey That You are Uncomfortable with Her Behavior

Your first approach towards handling the situation should be letting her know calmly that you are not fine with such behavior. A healthy conversation can be an ideal way to handle such vulnerable situations. You can request her to change her intonation or lower her voice and seek respect. 

Try to Calm Yourself Down

In some scenarios, giving a response or striking up a conversation can fuel her temperament even more and make you lose your calm. You must stop yourself from shouting back as it won’t do any good. Try to take a break for some time so that both of you can calm down. However, do not try to avoid such situations and come back to resolve the issues. 

Listen to Her Carefully

You have to be patient and listen to her concerns or complain attentively. It is extremely important for you to know the reasons that bug or trigger her. Hence, when he speaks out her heart, you must allow her to share her reasons. Your response and actions must make her feel that you are listening to her. Asking her clarifying questions will help you to get to the origin of the problem. 

Apologies If You are Wrong

If you have realized that you have made certain mistakes, you must apologies to her and assure her the same will be repeated in the future. Apologizing will show that you are validating which will further diffuse her emotions. 

Take Over Some of the Responsibilities 

If she is complaining about you not taking any responsibility, it is high time that you start taking some. Having a sense of responsibility will speak a lot about how much you love or care for her. Taking charge of a few of the household chores will lower her burden. Your smallest participation will ease her stress and prevent her from losing her calm. For instance, you can do the dishes after she has cooked the dinner or involve yourself with your child’s education. 

Diffuse Her Triggers

If you have followed a pattern of the things that make your wife angry, try to diffuse those. For instance, she can behave impulsively when there is work pressure in her office, feeling left out or overwhelmed during weekends, you can plan things that will help her de-stress. If you know that your wife gets angry when you ignore her or don’t listen to her, try to completely avoid them. Marriage is considered to be a shared space. Getting yelled at by your wife on a regular basis is traumatizing enough. It can prompt one to leave behind a dedicated relationship. It is your responsibility to ensure that your wife is not feeling neglected, stressed, or unheard. It is okay to have different opinions but yelling can never be the way of expression. You can put an end to your search for ‘why my wife yells at me?’  after going through the above mentioned sections highlighting possible reasons and ways to manage such situations.

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