Must Have Serums for Glowing Skin

When it comes to skincare, there are quite a lot of products available online. It does not mean that we have to introduce and include all these skincare products to make our skin way more glowing and flawless at the same time. From cleansers to serums, you can find hundreds of products in quite different brands which makes us confused in choosing the one that suits our skin.

For example, when it comes to cleanser, which is a wash-off product you can choose or change accordingly. It does not affect much on the quality of the skin. But in terms of moisturizers and serums, choosing the right one plays a vital role in the skincare regimen. When you have extremely dry to dry skin type, choosing cream-based moisturizer will only give you a dose of hydration; In the case of oily skin, choosing gel-type products would work, since there are chances for cream-based products to clog the pores.

In terms of serum, it is really challenging to choose the one, which could suit your skin and target your skincare concerns. There are a lot of face serums online, but always make sure to choose the one that targets your skin problems and suits your skin, so the the serum does not cause any new skincare problems.

Here is a simple guide to choosing serums based on your Skin type and concerns:

  1. Skin Dryness:

This is one of the common concerns that most of us have when there is a change in climatic conditions. Make sure to choose a hydrating serum, which can help in adding moisture to the skin. If you are looking for hydrating serums, then look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, etc.

  1. Dull and Dehydrated Skin:

The above concern is because of the accumulation of dead skin cells in the skin. It is important to use an exfoliating product, which will help in shedding away the dead skin cells. It helps in making the skin fresh and glowing. This should be started slowly and gradually use them once every week. The exfoliating serums should include ingredients like lactic acid, AHA, BHA, PHA, etc.

  1. Acne Prone Skin:

While this is also one of the common skincare concern, it is wise to choose products that has soothing properties. One such ingredient is Niacinamide. Make sure to include Niacinamide serum or this as one of the key ingredients. It can help in soothing the acne-prone skin, which can help in making the skin at bay!

  1. Pigmented Skin:

This concern is also something that is way more common. Along with the pigmented skin, the other concerns like uneven skin tone, darkness in a specific area, and spots and marks on the skin, also make the skin dull and boring. In that case, make sure to add Vitamin C in your skincare regimen. You can also look for other ingredients like Alpha Arbutin, which can make a difference in the skin tone.

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