Innovative Mobile Accessories – The Choice that everybody Loves

Innovation is the lifeblood of every business. Without innovation, a business cannot exist in the market for a long time. This is the reason why all the businesses keep introducing innovative products to stand out in the competitive market. The fact of innovation also implies on phone accessories manufacturing business. Manufacturers are introducing various innovative gadgets and accessories for smartphones. These accessories come along with the latest technology for connectivity, performance, and an enhanced user experience. In this blog post, I mentioned 5 innovative mobile accessories that you will love to have with you. There is a brief discussion about innovation made by the companies to make these accessories more productive. Also, I have highlighted key innovations for your better understanding. Keep reading this blog post to know about various innovative mobile accessories available in the market.

Wireless Chargers:

Wireless charging is a revolutionary innovation in the charger manufacturing business. These chargers allow you to charge your smartphone without connecting it with any wire. Wireless chargers come with a magnetic chip that sticks on a smartphone back and charges its battery by generating a magnetic field. All you have to do is to attach the wireless charger to the adapter and place your smartphone on the charging plate. However, these chargers are capable of generating an output of up to 18 watts only that will charge a smartphone slower as compare to regular chargers.

    • Charge your phone without messing with wires.
    • Up to 18 watts fast charging.
    • Get your phone charged through a magnetic field.
    • Portable and Convenient to use.

Earbuds charging case with a battery powerhouse:

A charging case plays an essential role in the case of wireless earbuds. TWS earbuds are one of the most trending smartphone accessories. People love these earbuds as they are tiny in size and are more productive than wired headphones. At the time of introduction, TWS earbuds used to come with a 500 Mah charging case that provides a battery backup of 8 hours only. Most of the people were having the complaint that their earbuds do not last long when they carry them for a trip etc. For solving this problem, manufacturers designed an innovative charging case with a battery powerhouse. It comes with a battery capacity of up to 2600 Mah that provides playtime of 150 hours (may vary according to the model). Also, they support type-C fast charging that fully charges the case in around 2 hours only.

      • A large battery of 2600 Mah
      • Up to 150 hours of playtime
      • Type-C fast charging
      • 0-100% in 2 hours.

Magnetic Phone Holder for car:

The magnetic air vent phone holders are the best example of innovation in smartphone accessories. It has completely replaced adjustable phone holders made of rubber, metal, or plastic. These holders come with a magnetic plate that mounts with the back of a smartphone. They are compatible with almost every smartphone, which means they have universal compatibility. It allows you to rotate your smartphone at 360 degrees according to the requirements. Magnetic phone holders are very durable and can hold your smartphone while driving. However, they are only compatible with horizontal, vertical, and angled air vents only. You cannot use a magnetic phone holder with a traditional air vent that has round openings.

        • Universal compatibility
        • Easy to mount
        • Allows 360-degree rotation of the device
        • Fits in horizontal, vertical, and angles air vents.

Lavaliere Condenser Microphone:

YouTube video streaming is becoming a great career option for individuals. Especially the gameplay streaming and personal vlogs are getting are most popular nowadays. The YouTubers have a professional setup for streaming videos on YouTube. A microphone is the most important accessory for video streaming, gaming, and other professional purposes. You cannot rely on an inbuilt microphone that records noise in surrounding along with your voice. Lavaliere microphones come with dynamic drivers and a noise cancellation setup to record a clear voice. These microphones connect to your smartphone using a 3.5mm Audio jack like a wired headphone. However, it was facing an issue of low sensitivity and was unable to record sound knots properly. Manufacturers are implementing condensers to solve this issue. Condensers feature a flat frequency of -32dB+/-3dB and high sensitivity of 15Hz to 18 kHz. Also, they introduced an omnidirectional mic to record sound in a better way.

          • Best Accessory for video streaming and audio recording
          • Deliver a flat frequency and a higher sensitivity
          • Inbuilt condenser
          • Connects with phone via a 3.5mm audio jack
          • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and DSLR cameras.

OTG to USB type-C Adaptor:

As we know that we also use smartphones for entertainment and professional purposes along with calling. Beforethe introduction of OTG cable, accessing media files of a laptop in a smartphone was a challenging task. OTG cable allowed us to access and transfer various media and document files on a smartphone. It was one of the most useful smartphone accessories but was slow to process data of a pen drive. So, OTG to USB adaptors is introduced to get rid of this problem. These adaptors are compact and help in transferring data at a faster speed. It comes with a female USB port at one side and a USB Type-C connector at another side. This cell phone accessory is not only useful for sharing data though it is the best medium of connectivity. You can connect a pen drive, keyboards, game controllers. Also, it allows you to charge another smartphone by reverse charging.

            • Compact Design
            • Allows Power Sharing
            • The best medium of connectivity
            • Access media files at a faster speed.


In the modern era of innovation, the existence of an industry depends on innovative ideas and the introduction of the latest technology. This is the reason why manufacturers are introducing innovative cell phone accessories to stand out in the competitive market. They are consistently making technological improvements in cell phone accessories to make them more productive. I discussed the 5 most innovative mobile accessories available in the market. There was a brief explanation of innovations made by manufacturers in cell phone accessories. I suggest you should purchase mobile accessories that feature the latest technology for a better user experience.

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