Indian dishes that can be a treat to taste buds

Indian food is not only great and delicious but it has crossed borders and made their place in the heart of other countries as well. That is why; no matter where one goes, they can get to see more than one Indian restaurant and people love trying out Indian delicacies even outside India.

In order to get Indian food Boston one can check the Indian restaurant menus that are there in the city and enjoy the experience. One has to remember that when it comes to Indian food, then the dishes vary and the flavour of the same dish varies from one region to another. Here are some delicacies that one can try:

Chicken Tikka Masala

This is a charcoal burnt delicious plate of chicken which was first prepared in Lahore. This dish is not only crispy but very spicy and so those who do not like spice needs to be careful when ordering this dish. They have a kind of an elemental flavour which appeals the taste buds.

Butter Chicken or Murg Makhni

This is another popular dish from Punjab that one has to try when they are discovering the Indian menu in a restaurant.  This is a certain dish which is loved by people all over the world. This delicacy is made with chicken, blend of spices and of course a good amount of water. The chicken is marinated overnight before cooking so that it can have a robust flavour.


It is another mouth watering dish that one cannot miss out on when they are trying on Indian foods. Here the chicken is marinated for hours with yogurt and blend of different spices. Then they are cooked on a grill and this dish is widely available all over the world. This particular dish is not only filling but also healthy because it is grilled and not cooked in oil.


As everyone knows it is a perfect blend of rice and meat (can be chicken or mutton) and this one delicacy is something that one must try. The chicken or the mutton is marinated in curd and the rice is cooked with some fragrant spices. This dish has to be slow cooked for hours and then it turns out to be the most appealing meal one has ever tried.


It is less of a dish and more of a snack item. In India this is sold mostly as a street food. Here, mashed potao is covered with flour dough and then it is deep fried. One can use tomato ketchup or mint chutney as a dip.


Another street food which is delicious. Here one can see a mix of fried bread, yogurt, spices and herbs. This can be one filling evening snack option.

Apart from these there are plenty of Indian desserts that one can try to satisfy their sweet tooth. For gourmet Indian food menu one can try some Indian diners that are available in the city and check on the fusion food dishes that are available.

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