How electromagnetic therapy helps to improve cellular health

electromagnetic therapy

The Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. They create the structure for the body, consume nutrients from food, transform those nutrients into energy, and carry out particular functions. Cellular exercise improves cellular membrane permeability. This enables a better flow of oxygen and nutrients into your cells. Moreover, PEMF assists expel carbon dioxide and waste products out of the cells.

So how do we reinforce our cells and maintain them adequately charged? Exposure to the earth’s magnetic field, also called grounding, consuming raw unprocessed foods, and drinking spring water from the source are all convenient, natural options.

However, sometimes very good nutrition, hydration, and mineral stability are not sufficient to recover harmed tissue, manage pain or recover from injury and illness. During a consultation, he can evaluate your health or injury to determine if he believes that PEMF, or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, can assist healing and performance by generating flickering electromagnetic charges that strengthen cells by promoting the inflow and outflow of nutrients and waste products in the cells, as well as affecting the electrical change of the cells.           


Ø  PEMF alters your energy at the cellular level. Keep in mind you are made of over seventy-five trillion cells. Cells are the fundamental building blocks of all living organisms. PEMF impacts the capacitance of all the cells it contacts, boosting its ability to hold a charge. Re-charging the cells boosts the body’s natural healing ability.

Ø  PEMF specifically influences the systems responsible for healing the body. No healing, repair, or growth takes place in the body in the absence of the signals, or electrical impulses, transmitted by the central and peripheral nervous systems. PEMF immediately impacts the nervous system.

Ø  PEMF promotes GABA [an inhibitory neurotransmitter that quiets and relaxes nerve impulses]. GABA is a neurotransmitter, which is a chemical utilized by our nervous system to carry out the right nerve impulses. GABA is responsible for soothing the nervous system by improving the capability to turn off the sympathetic nervous and turn on the parasympathetic nervous. PEMF has also been found to produce GABA in particular parts of the brain. When the body calms, the parasympathetic nervous system takes control and the body can start or carry on its natural healing process.

Ø  Pemf improves sleep and promotes relaxation. In accordance to the” National Sleep Foundation”, forty-eight % of Americans complain of irregular insomnia. PEMF enhances GABA levels and counteracts the sympathetic nervous system reaction in the body. These actions help improve better sleep and minimize stress.

Ø  One of the most basic functions that magnetic fields have in the body is to improve blood circulation. When a cell is damaged or in poor health, it does not maintain its ideal charge. This leads to red cells to pin together, making blood circulation slow. When a magnetic field goes through the red cell, the membrane gets properly charged, enabling the cell to repel itself and remain isolated from other red cells, thereby boosting circulation. Poor circulation makes tissues unhealthy and prone to disease and breakage. Improved circulation helps tissues get the nutrition and oxygen they need by expelling the waste products they produce. Good circulation helps with healing and tissue regeneration. The result of improved circulation is the reduction of swelling and the removal of bruising.

Ø  Inflammation is a cascade of physiological processes initiated by the body to repair cellular damage in tissues increase blood flow to the damaged area and increase the number of good inflammatory cells. The inflammatory process is generated and supported by the interaction of different types of immune cells, with other cell types (e.g. T cells) which play a regulatory role in the cascade effect. Inflammation is a necessary and beneficial process, but it often lasts longer than necessary, leading to chronic inflammation is a cause of chronic pain. PEMFs have been shown to reduce chronic, harmful inflammation. Inflammation can have many causes, and understanding the nature of the cause is important in the development of therapeutic approaches.

Ø  Bone healing. Magnetic fields penetrate the body, even the bones as if the body weren’t there. PEMFs work to repair bones, whether damaged by surgery, injury, or disease, and have been found to improve bones. Regeneration, occurs in osteoporosis and osteopenia, among other things, which destroy bones.

Ø   Just as fire cannot burn without oxygen, our cells cannot produce heat and energy without oxygen. Our lungs remove oxygen from the air we breathe into our blood and is delivered through arteries out of the heart and to the rest of the body, including all organs. PEMFs help to remove oxygen from the air we breathe and transport it into the circulatory system. The absorbed oxygen is then transported throughout the body to all cells, where it is absorbed into individual cells. In cells, enzymes, and other basic cell energy production processes use oxygen, the energy required for cell metabolism essential to function properly.

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