7 Ways How to Treat Cough in Toddlers At Home

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Young children are sensitive and more prone to seasonal viral infections. A recent report says that colds and coughs are common in toddlers as their immune systems get developed when they are exposed to germs. The immune system fights against germs and gets stronger.

Common viruses that cause cough have not been cured but go away within two weeks. Extreme cough can give your child a tough time while breathing. Parents must keep their children hydrated and relaxed. Quality sleep is also important if your child has a cough.

The cough sounds in two ways, a deep cough comes from the chest while a tight cough comes from the upper throat. The best child specialist in faisalabad shared that deep cough is caused due to the mucus in the airways and tight cough is due to the swelling around the larynx.

There is a third type of cough, which is a mild cough with sniffing.

Home Remedies to Treat Cough In younger children

1. Prefer more fluids

Water is the best fluid your body needs as it also helps to fight illness. Staying hydrated keeps your airways moist and strong. Make sure that you give enough fluids to your children as it will make their immune systems strong enough to fight illness.

Children often do not drink milk and eat food. In such conditions, parents should need more water but do not push them to drink. Popsicles are also important to increase fluids and lead to a soothing sore throat.

2. Saline Nasal drops

Saline is known to soften mucus to remove it. You can use a nasal syringe for saline nasal drops. Sometimes, parents find it a tough job to get these little drops in toddlers’ noses. The other way to deal with the mucus is to make your child sit in a warm bath to clear nasal passages and result in softened mucus.

3. Honey – Soothe Sore Throat

Honey has healing properties that also help a sore throat. Studies reveal that honey has some antibacterial properties that fight against infections. If your child is under one year of age, honey can put your child at risk of botulism. You can give one spoon of honey to one-year-old children. Many children do not like the sweet taste, so add honey into the water and then give it to your children.

4. Add moisture to the air 

Moisture in the air keeps the airways of your children moist and softens mucus. As a result of loosening mucus, the cough and congestion are released. When you buy a humidifier, choose a cold air one because they are safer for toddlers and health beneficial the same as the warm air humidifier. Experts say that let the humidifier stay all night where your toddlers sleep. If your children feel irritation due to mucus, make them sit in a steam bathroom for temporary relief.

5.  Vapor Rub

Vapor rub benefits for toddlers still need more research as menthol and camphor use still need more studies. But one researcher says that it can block the airways of toddlers. If your child feels discomfort, apply it on the feet of your child rather than applying it on the chest.

6. Essential Oils

Herbal products are popular for many reasons as they have fewer side effects as compared to other products. These are effective solutions to ease a cough or muscles aches when you apply them to the skin.

Experts believe that toddlers are sensitive, and parents must consult with the doctor before applying any essential oil to the toddler skin.

7. Elevate your toddler’s head

Studies say that it is not good to make your kids sleep with any pillow until they turn one and a half years old. Kids move a lot while sleeping, so you should keep them in a comfortable bed. Use a rolled-up towel under the mattress on the end where your toddler’s headrests.

Final Thought

Cough stays for weeks, but it may interrupt sleep and make it difficult for your children to breathe. You need to visit a doctor if your child experiences severe symptoms, etc.

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