Hit The Clubs With These Fun Outfit Tips!

styles of club dresses

The old song goes “Girls just want to have fun!” and it’s just as true today as it was back then! When the weekend rolls around women doff their humdrum daily wardrobe to change into their glitzy club clothes so they can hit the clubs and rock the night away. Every club has its own dress code, so no two are ever quite the same, but there are some common themes that most share, so let’s get dressed up to go out, the night is young!

Dresses – There are many styles of club dresses on the market, so there is plenty of wiggle room to accommodate your personal tastes, but here are some common denominators! First, a low neckline that exposes plenty of chest. Straps are spaghetti thin or, better yet, strapless! If you are confident enough to do it, the area between and below the breasts is often exposed, too! Cutouts are very popular, with open sides above the hip the area most often seen. The skirt is also short, coming almost up to the thigh. If you haven’t seen the pattern yet, the more exposed flesh on display, the better! Did we mention tight-fitting? Check! Any color goes, and although black is still the most sought-after, that little black dress every girl has is the gift that keeps on giving!

Bags – A girl can’t possibly exist outside the home without a bag, can she? Absolutely not! Small is the way to go, something you can easily carry in one hand, or put over your shoulder with a strap. If you can, check it into the bag room, otherwise you will be glad to have that strap ready to free your arms so you can get out on the dance floor and really swing! There are styles galore, so find one that’s easy to tote and looks great with your outfit. A tip we heard from a club owner is that name brand pricey bags aren’t really all that impressive, it’s the overall ensemble that matters when you are sent to the front of the line!

Shoes – High heels! We repeat, high heels! The way they shape your calf and elevate your height are guaranteed head-turners! This is a shoe that will never, ever go out of style, Cleopatra rocked them in Egypt and every movie star and pop idol since has done the same since! While the basic shoe never changes much, pointy toe, stiletto heel, lately a lot of girls are going with sandal-like leg straps that climb up the calf in a very intriguing way that will guarantee you earn some long glances!

Jewelry – The word on the street is that hoop earrings are all the rage right now, so slap them on! Hoops should never touch the shoulders, but otherwise bigger is better. With all that chest real estate on display, you can do well with a big, colorful necklace that accentuates the bare skin by hiding just enough of it to make things interesting. Rings are not a thing at clubs, keep them small so you don’t accidentally poke someone in the eye with that diamond, ouch!

The goal is to have fun and look fabulous doing it!

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