Escape Room Themes That Are Gaining Popularity This Year 

Escape rooms have continued to capture the imagination of thrill-seekers, puzzle enthusiasts, and team-building participants alike. With the evolution of the escape room industry, the different themes also undergo a change.  

This year, several themes have emerged as particularly popular, blending immersive storytelling with innovative puzzles to create unforgettable experiences. Here, we will explore some of the top escape room themes that are gaining traction this year: 

  1. Mystery and Detective Themes 

Mystery and detective themes have always been a staple in the escape room industry, but this year they are reaching new heights. Inspired by classic detective stories and modern crime dramas, these rooms place players in the shoes of investigators trying to solve a complex case.  

Key Elements: 

– Immersive Storylines: Rich narratives with multiple layers and unexpected twists. 

– Realistic Props: Detailed settings that replicate crime scenes, detective offices, or shadowy alleys. 

– Interactive Clues: Evidence pieces such as fingerprints, coded messages, and witness testimonies. 

Popular Scenarios: 

– Murder Mysteries: Solving a high-profile murder case with a series of interconnected clues. 

– Heists: Uncovering the mastermind behind a grand theft or preventing a heist in progress. 

– Espionage: Thwarting a spy plot or discovering a mole within an organization. 

  1. Horror and Paranormal Themes 

The thrill of fear is a powerful draw, and horror-themed escape rooms are tapping into this by offering spine-chilling experiences. These rooms often play on players’ primal fears and immerse them in atmospheres of suspense and dread. 

Key Elements: 

– Eerie Atmosphere: Dim lighting, creepy sound effects, and unsettling decorations. 

– Timed Events: Sudden scares or changes in the room that keep players on edge. 

– Story-Driven Puzzles: Challenges that require players to piece together a dark narrative. 

Popular Scenarios: 

– Haunted Houses: Escaping from a haunted mansion where ghosts and spirits roam. 

– Asylums: Players trying to survive in a long-abandoned spooky asylum with a dark looming past.  

– Cursed Artifacts: Breaking the curse of a sinister object before time runs out. 

  1. Fantasy and Adventure Themes 

Fantasy and adventure themed escape games transport players into an alternate reality where magic reigns. These rooms appeal to fans of fantasy literature, films, and games, providing a playground for imagination and exploration. 

Key Elements: 

– Magical Settings: Environments that include enchanted forests, ancient temples, and mystical castles. 

– Themed Puzzles: Tasks that involve spell-casting, potion-making, and artifact retrieval. 

– Narrative Arcs: Stories that unfold as players progress, often involving a quest or mission. 

Popular Scenarios: 

– Dragon’s Lair: Recovering a stolen treasure from a dragon’s cave. 

– Wizard’s Tower: Assisting a wizard with completing a crucial spell or defeating a dark force. 

– Lost Civilizations: Discovering the secrets of an ancient, forgotten society. 

  1. Sci-Fi and Futuristic Themes 

Sci-fi and futuristic escape rooms transport players to advanced worlds where technology and imagination collide. These themes are perfect for those intrigued by space exploration, advanced robotics, and dystopian futures. 

Key Elements: 

– High-Tech Props: Interactive gadgets, holograms, and futuristic interfaces. 

– Immersive Environments: Spaceships, laboratories, and cyberpunk cities. 

Popular Scenarios: 

– Space Missions: Repairing a spaceship or solving a mystery on a distant planet. 

– AI Takeover: Stopping a rogue artificial intelligence from taking over. 

– Time Travel: Navigating different time periods to correct historical anomalies. 


The diversity of escape room themes available this year reflects the industry’s creativity and commitment to providing unique, immersive experiences. As these themes continue to evolve and new ones emerge, the popularity of escape rooms shows no sign of waning, promising even more exciting adventures in the future. 

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