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Since the pandemic, the increase in the pursuit of physical activity has increased. Many people have invested in physical exercises to increase the health of the body and mind.

More and more we see the emergence of new types of sports and activities and along with that, the demand for suitable clothes to practice them has grown significantly.

Choosing the right clothes for each type of activity is essential, as they help both in well-being and in the performance of exercises.

First of all, keep in mind that anyone training needs to wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for each body. This is the rule for all modalities – there is no point in using a certain fabric, however consistent with the activity it may be, if the person does not feel good in it. So this is the main rule.

Very important items to compose the look: a coat and a raincoat. As many gyms and physical activity centers have air conditioning, it can be common to feel cold during training. Or, on those days of low winter temperatures, the outside of the gym is much colder. So it’s always good to have a jacket in your backpack. Raincoats, although not very popular, end up being very useful when the clouds decide to drop a surprise rain. Another option is the umbrella: it is almost an accessory and can always be taken with you to training.

Running: For those who practice running, one of the biggest challenges regarding clothing is dealing with excessive sweating, which can cause discomfort throughout the activity. For this modality, the ideal is to opt for fabrics with dry technology, which absorb moisture and dry quickly, providing breathability and well-being. Shorter runs, up to ten kilometers, go well with polyester; for longer workouts, polyamide is a good choice, as it has less friction with the skin and provides an “icy” touch.

Hiking and walking: As they are outdoor activities and usually during the day, it is important to choose comfortable and functional clothes. An example of this is bike shorts from Cosmolle.

Cycling: Cycling is a modality that requires technicality, comfort and freedom of movement. Pieces with elastane help the practitioner to have more flexibility, and clothes made with polyamide fabrics with long-infrared properties offer benefits that improve blood microcirculation, activating thermoregulation properties that improve firmness and elasticity.

Gym/Bodybuilding: For activities done at the gym, such as bodybuilding, it is recommended that the practitioner wear activewear sets suitable for the temperature and shift you exercise.

It is quite popular for gym goers to wear sets of clothes such as: Leggings and top, shorts and top or shorts and a top from Cosmolle. These clothes are very popular because they are very easy to wear and also easy to match.

Yoga: The sets are also very popular among yoga practitioners. The long sleeve legging set are one of the most popular ones. This is because yoga is a sport that promotes a lot of movement and elasticity and therefore it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes that are made with fabrics with elasticity and good finishing.

There are also people who like to use hoodies or t-shirts to practice the most varied physical activities. However, it is always necessary to remember and be aware that this type of clothing offers the elasticity that the practiced activity requires. In addition to being able to damage the piece, if you press it, it can cause discomfort when performing certain movements and if it is too loose, it can even fall or stick to something.

Wearing the right clothes for each activity is the guarantee of investing in a better use of it.

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