Common Internet Crimes That You May Not Realize Are Illegal 

Internet crimes make less headlines than physical crimes, but they do happen a lot. If you have been on social or using the Internet for a while, you must have experienced or witnessed at least one cybercrime. You may think downloading movies, series, books, etc., is the only legal activity happening, but there are much more serious things. 

People all over the world use the Internet to commit a number of minor and major crimes. Some of these crimes are such that the public does not even realize they can be done electronically. It is important to know what these crimes are to protect yourself and take legal action with the help of a Barnstable criminal defense lawyer

Common internet crimes that you may not realize are illegal 

  1. Electronic theft. 

There are many types of electronic thefts existing in the online world, including pirating and file sharing without the consent of the owner. Many Internet users do not realize that it is illegal to download protected music, videos, and other content with the help of downloading websites or apps. 

Downloading your favorite song just so you can listen to it offline may seem harmless, but the owner can take legal action against you if they want. Sharing files via the Internet is also a common practice, but sharing without consent is not legal. 

  1. Blackmail. 

You may have come across stories of blackmail. They are often in the news. It may be possible that your friend was blackmailed by someone to do something in exchange for keeping their secret hidden. Using the Internet to blackmail someone or cause harm to them is illegal. Hackers often threaten people to expose their damaging or embarrassing information in exchange for money. It is important to keep your devices safe and protected. 

  1. Reading someone else’s email. 

Have you ever come across a situation where your employer’s or a colleague’s computer was open on their desk, and you accidentally happened to take a look at their already open email page? If yes, it is better never to lean in and attempt to read the mail. Reading someone else’s email without their permission is illegal. There was even a case where a husband was arrested for reading his wife’s emails without her consent. 

The point of this is that accessing someone’s device or online account without their knowledge or permission is completely illegal, even if they are your beloved husband or wife. 

There are many things in this world that happen so commonly that people do not realize they are illegal. If you have been accused of such a crime, hire an attorney today. 

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