Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas

Birthday cake is always a big deal for the birthday guest of honour as well as the host. No matter what, the birthday cake has to be the showstopper. Therefore, since your childhood days, you must have seen your mothers going the extra mile to bake and decorate the cake to finesse. Even if your mothers have to order cake in Hyderabad for your birthday, she made sure the table was adorned with the most eye-catching and tasty birthday cake.

So, to help all the mothers present their sweetest creation in the best possible manner, we have gathered easy-peasy birthday cake decoration ideas. With just a handful of ingredients, mothers can create amazing birthday cake designs.

  1. M&Ms: It would not be wrong to say that M&M candies are pure love. Bit-sized chocolate candies in a colourful coating is a tasty treat that the heart never gets tired of. So, for your kids birthday, bake a chocolate cake as it is the most loved cake flavour by the kids. Cover the cake in chocolate icing. Then, on top of it, make flowers with colourful M&Ms. If not flowers, you can make any other pattern with M&Ms like geometric patterns, or simply cover the whole cake with coloured M&Ms. Cake decoration can’t get easier than this.
  2. Sprinkles: Throw vibrant sprinkles on the birthday cake like confetti, and you are good to go. Sprinkle cake is a forever favourite of many, also an easy way to turn a basic frosting cake into an edible beauty. Cover the cake with vanilla icing. Take a cookie cutter of any shape or number, heart-shape, number 1 and spread the sprinkles to get the shape. You can also cover the whole cake with sprinkles to hide any imperfections or just spread them on the base or top. For more fun, add sprinkles in the batter or hide it in the cake. Cut the slice, and there are colour and sweetness oozing out.
  3. KitKat Cake: When in doubt, have a Kitkat cake, it will never disappoint you. If you think it will be difficult to master, you need to read this because it’s easier than said. Border the cake on all the four sides with Kitkat bars. You can use icing to stick the Kitkat. Then, create a KitKat cross on the top and fill all the four sides with candies and gems. See, it’s done! Another alternative option is to place Kitkat bars all over the cake or cut it into chunks and spread over the cake.
  4. Candies and Chocolates: We love this cake idea, and we know your kid will love it too. It’s pretty simple and too tasty not to eat. Cover the cake with the favourite candies and chocolates of your kid. Go for candies and chocolates in different shapes, sizes, and colours to create a sweet illusion.
  5. Cake Toppers: Cake toppers are the recent attraction in the cake decorating world. Edible cake toppers like Sugar or candy lollipops, gelatin balloons, marshmallows, gummy bears or attractive toppers like acrylic Happy Birthday, glittered numbers, etc. can be used to decorate the cake.
  6. Buttercream Icing: Ohh yes, creamy cakes are delicious to eat. Moreover, you can decorate the cake with buttercream frosting as per your preference. Firstly, apply a base coat, then the finishing layer. On top of it, using a piping bag and nozzles, create cream swirls, dallops, flowers, basket weave design, and other patterns.
  7. Fruits and Nuts: A healthy and juicy cake for the birthday of your little ones. Top the cake with chunks of seasonal fruits like grapes, kiwis, pineapple, oranges, cherries, apples. On the sides, sprinkle some shaved almonds. You can also opt for just nuts and skip the fruits or vice-versa as per the preferences.
  8. Chocochips: If not the healthier version, go with the classic and delectable choc chip-cake. Cover the top layer of the cake in dark and white chocolate chips. Drizzle some chocolate sauce or ganache on top of it because there is no such thing called, “It’s too much chocolate.”

These easy-peasy cake decorating designs will ensure that you bring on the birthday table an absolute beauty. Do let us know which idea did you like the most?


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