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3 Best Social Media Automation Tools To Automate Mundane Tasks While You Grow Your Business


3 Best Social Media Automation Tools To Automate Mundane Tasks While You Grow Your Business

Performing social media activities for business is indeed time-consuming and requires plenty of effort. To ease down the efforts, many businesses look for the best social media automation tools. Are you looking for the same?

Social media automation tools save countless hours and boost the productivity level of businesses. Some of these tools even hold features like scheduling posts and analyzing performance. Even the best social media agency in Delhi prefer using these tools to automate the mundane tasks while you grow the business.  

Is that what you want? 

Among thousands of social media automation tools, here we have listed down the high performing tools usually used by the top businesses. Check them out and use them for better marketing advantages.

3 Best social media automation tools for businesses

  1. Sendible: Sendible is a purely social media management tool that helps businesses to manage different social networks in one place. From managing social media content to gathering conversations from different social channels to one inbox, the tool performs everything automatically.

    Sendible not just helps you in saving your time by scheduling your posts, but even design content with different emojis, messages, and attachments. You can even create campaigns by grouping the posts and organizing them in queues. That’s an added pro.

    Sendible is also responsible for monitoring keywords both for the brand and competitors, brand performance, analyzing reports, and much more. You can even set up alert and notifications whenever any new comment or brand mention is added to social media.  
  2. CoSchedule: CoSchedule is another high performing social media tool, specially designed for content marketers. You can use this tool to schedule your posts on different social channels and manage all your content from one place.
    CoSchedule has an interactive interface where you can make your social media calendar and reply to all new comments and queries raised on your channel. Some prominent features that make CoSchedule a perfect fit for social media managing task include –
    It allows for analyzing content and monitoring social media marketing performance.
    It is rich with functionalities like re-queue, WordPress compatibility, staff management, and much more.
    It is easy to access, easy to use, and cost-effective.   
  3. Missinglettr: Many often you may wonder, how to create a social media campaign with social media posts. Do you? Not to worry, when you are using Missinglettr.
    Missinglettr is efficient in turning the blog posts into engaging social media campaigns. It monitors the blogs running on different social media channels and automatically creates a new social media campaign to generate engagement.

    Missinglettr is powered with AI and Machine Learning technology. This helps the tool to scan the blogs, generate quotes, extract relevant content and images, and finally run the campaign on the pre-selected channels. The best thing about this tool is, you don’t need to think about the trending hashtags. It does this automatically.   

The Bottom Line

Social media automation tools are not just confined to only three. Browsing the Google you can encounter plenty of them with their features and characteristics. 

Friends, are you tired of scheduling social media posts and monitoring them manually while keeping an eye on other business essentials? 

We understand your concern and so recommend you to make use of the aforesaid tools and enjoy the effectiveness of social media.

Hire the best company offering digital marketing in Noida or Delhi and secure your brand’s online presence. 

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