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8nkdwexoy3e captures the author’s personal experience through life. Life has its own way of surprising us. There are days filled with hope. There are also life-turning moments when getting through a single day gets tough.  This blog will present the perspective of the author regarding life.  It will include the little details that shaped her to grow into a better person.

Let us get going.

Journey of Uncertain Events: Life

Through this blog, I have a hope that it might encourage you at some point.

I have two sisters along with my parents. Even though my parents were blue collared employees, they ensured that all our needs are met at any cost. Despite of having little money, we were always at our best. I have always been good in my studies. I was always keen on learning new things. I bagged a scholarship after high school. Thus, I could attend a good college.

To my utter surprise, my college did not make me and my soul happy. I did not like it there, giving the unnecessary competition and a monotonous schedule. Attending college seemed like I am readily wasting my time.

At this point, I was not sure about what I want to achieve in life. However, I was sure about not wasting my life at school. Hence, I decided to pack my bags and travel. I traded all my belongings for money and went off for fulfilling my travel dreams.

While travelling across the world, I gained beautiful life experiences. I went for camping in the wild and travelled in different continents. I would say that this decision of travelling has brought out the best in me.

Living in a van was one of the most exhilarating experience. I grew up as a person and developed a knack for photography and writing.

Currently, I reside in the mountains and I have been successful in buying my own house. I have my own family and I am also running a profitable business. I am just very grateful to have this experience and I wish that my life story will encourage you to never settle for less.

Events in My Life till Date/8nkdwexoy3e

Growing up in Ohio had me entangled in nature. As a kid, I was into sports and like every other child, I was scolded by my mother for dirtying my dresses.

While getting older, I was fascinated by fashion and different genres of makeup. As a teenager, I became conscious about my looks and wanted to look beautiful and perfect. I had my first kiss when I was 16 years of age.

To pursue my dreams, I went to a fashion school in New York. I started working as a stylist in Los Angeles and gained new experiences considering the fact that I was living my dream life.

While I was living my dreams, life hit me back. I was now a cancer patient. However, currently I am free from cancer, given the care I received from my people.

I am living my best life and luckily, I have very supportive people around me who did not let me give up on my dreams.

I will keep updating my blog with new experiences of my life. Pease keep engaging.

Things I learnt via /8nkdwexoy3e

No matter how much you plan your life, you cannot avoid any uncertainties. Life is not a bed only full of roses. Difficulties are a part of life and we should always look forward to face it with courage.

A key to live a fulfilled life is to keep struggling and move forward. Even during busy days, do not forget to spare some time for yourself. Have fun and relinquish yourself with art and activities.

Do not forget to be grateful and positive. It is important to keep being thankful for everything we have in life. Do not be hesitant from learning new things every day because it will eventually help you grow.

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