8 Things You Must Bring to a Concert

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Watching your favorite band performing live is the best music experience you can get. It’s live and fun. You are a part of a crazy, enthusiastic crowd. Distractions are not appreciated, especially when you have spent a boatload of money to get a spot in the front row. Come prepared. There are some things that you should bring to live events in Jacksonville and some should be left in your room. This article lists 8 things that you should bring to an event. 

When it is a live concert by a popular band and tickets are limited, you have to be quick like a bunny to book seats at your favorite spot. Before you grab your ticket and drive to the venue, act according to a plan. Whether it is an indoor event, outdoor event in a small or large venue, make sure that you have the following 8 things to enjoy the event to the fullest. 


Have some bills in your wallet, especially if it is a three or four hours long event. Even when the event lasts for 2 hours, it is good to have cash. You don’t want to look lazy and boring. It’s a live event. You need to be energetic. This can’t be possible without food or drink. Being a big fan of the band, you also want to buy merchandise. What if they don’t accept credit cards? 


Don’t forget to bring binoculars. You may not get the best seat to watch your favorite band performing. Big stars attract a massive audience. You are there not only to listen to them live, but you also want to see them performing. Binoculars are must for the best concert-viewing experience. 

Wear Sneakers

Most live events are typically two hours long. Don’t wear anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Sneakers are comfortable. The same goes for your outfit. 


If the winter is at its peak and it is an outdoor event, make sure that you bring a cool looking sweatshirt with you. The temperature may drop. You need something to stay warm when it gets chilly.      


It’s your dream to meet your favorite artist. What if you get an opportunity to meet one of the band members or the lead singer? It is a rare opportunity to get their autograph. So, always bring a pen or sharpie to live events in Jacksonville. 

Something to Sign

Brining a pen or sharpie serves no purpose when you don’t have something to get an autograph on. Many people get autographs on their favorite t-shirt or their body. Got your favorite band’s merchandise? Even if you don’t have one, there are vendors at the concert selling T-shirts, posters, hats etc. Get an autograph on merchandise. 


Vendors selling merchandise is a common scene at concerts. You can buy a hat or T-shirt. If you are lucky, you will get an autograph. Even if you don’t, you need to pack your purchases. Bring a backpack to put them in. You cannot carry them around. You will not be able to find your purchases if you accidentally drop in the crowd.    

Digital Camera

Even if your smartphone has the best camera, it cannot replace a digital camera. So, bring a digital camera as well. If you want to save memories to cherish in the future, make sure that you take HD pictures. Imagine you are trying to capture a shot and the alarm starts ringing or you receive a call. You will miss that shot. You can share selfies on social media but your smartphone is not a reliable device for taking photographs. Get a digital camera.   

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