6 Tips To Host A Fun-Filled Baby Shower

So it’s that time when you are about to hold that much-awaited bundle of joy in your hands. There is everything to celebrate and reward yourself for the journey you have covered so far. As you wrap up with the baby preparation, you may feel a bit anxious that the baby shower may turn out to be a disaster. If the truth be told, your baby shower can be a lot exciting provided you follow the following tips.

Make this your baby shower comfortable, compelling, and one to reckon with the following tips and tricks to make this day count.

Make it a dual party

If there is one thing men can do better when they team up is throw a “diaper party”. Well they bring a whole bunch of diapers, and some may even show up dressing like babies. The truth is you’ll probably get jealous hearing the laughter and cheers from the backyard where they will have drinks and barbecue. You do not want to be one of those who will always be peeping in the corner. You can make the baby shower a blast with your lady friends and family too. And this time the men will be the ones leaning on the door just to get a glimpse of the baby shower.

Make the party shorty

When you have a lot of people to host, especially at the baby shower, it becomes exhausting from all the socializing. Other than seeing people check their time to leave, time the party to at least three hours tops. Cutting the party short may leave them wanting more, but for you and the baby’s benefit there is no party in the world more special.

Set up a box for unrequested advice

As the party heats up, some guests will come up preaching like they know it all. This will take much of the short-timed party and definitely spark some tension as others will have had one-two many drinks. So counter this by setting up an unrequested advice box.

Make it a Note for great stories

Since this is a baby shower party, most of your guests will have gone through the same phase of giving birth as you are about to. They will try to give you a heads up of the labour experience. This usually ends up bad to the channel receiving this sought to be valuable information. So keep yourself in the green by avoiding such bad experiences, by telling them it’s best if you share the stories once you have given birth.

Find an ally

When the party’s over and done, there comes yet another uphill task – packing all the gifts. This is quite strenuous after you have spent the whole day preparing for the party and entertaining your guests. Instead, you can have your close family or friend hand the gifts to you to open and maintain a gifting list.

Have a Baby Shower Cake

There is actually no occasion or event that will go in memory lane without a cake. Make yours a cherishable one with a scrumptious and customised cake. It can be a “pink or blue”, “buck or doe”, “baby footprints”, or “boy or girl” cake among other different customisations you may prefer.

The Last Words

The aforementioned tips to hosting fun and exciting baby shower tips not only apply to expecting mothers. You may have your loved one who is having one or just plan a surprise party for them; either way, you will definitely make them know how much you love them. You will also find varieties of gifts and baby shower cakes online and make this day a special one.

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