Some Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water From an Earthen Pot

About two weeks ago, a debate on Earthen Pots was sparked on Twitter. That too by none other than the Chairperson of Mahindra and Mahindra, the Anand Mahindra. In his post, he listed a brief comparison between Surahi (Earthen Pot) and Refrigerator. Although his post was informative, there’s a lot more to earthen pots than that. Let’s learn along with their scientific explanations.

Earthen Pot Water Have a Gentle Cooling Effect

Hope you all have guessed by now what is going to be discussed in this segment. Cold water straight out of the refrigerator can feel very harsh on our throats, and give us a very uncomfortable sensation. Some might even get shivers through their teeth because of it, which is extremely uncomfortable.

However, in the case of Earthen Pots that isn’t a problem. The chilliness of water from earthen pots is much more subtle yet satisfying. It most likely won’t ever give you any sort of brain freeze. Keeping water cool inside the earthen pots is a common practice among rural people across the globe. Nowadays, thankfully urban areas also are delving into such a sustainable way of living with comfort.

Plus, there would be no water droplets on the water glass making a mess on your table. This is again because of the gentle cooling effect of Surahi. Water from Earthen Pots doesn’t have any water vapour that could condense with the environment and become water droplets again. Which just goes on to show how natural Surahi’s cooling effect is.

Surahi is a Natural Purifier

Well, it won’t purify muddy water into drinking water. But what it would do is prevent contamination in the water that you store in it. The microporous surface texture of Earthen Pots blocks water contaminants and makes them safe for drinking purposes. The porosity of Surahi allows toxins, impurities and other contaminants to filter out.

The best part of it is that Earthen Pots aren’t using any chemically enhanced methods to cleanse your water. The whole process is chemical-free, therefore, there will be no side effects.

Earthen Pots are Eco-Friendly

It won’t be fair to publish a blog on without talking about this point. In the 21st century, we have a million gadgets to enhance the quality of our lives. But it’s very tricky and difficult to find even a single gadget that both makes our lives easier and doesn’t harm the environment.

This is where Earthen Pots walk in with their rich history and years of experience in serving the needs of the people of hot and humid countries. Earthen Pots are fully biodegradable and don’t cause any pollution. It’s made with earth, water and human hands skill, dried in sunlight and then it goes back to earth. It is one of the few gadgets that is eco-friendly and effective which hasn’t lost its relevance even in the 21st century.

Earthen Pot Water is Alkaline

You might have seen those ‘Alkaline Water Purifiers’. The concept is simple, we have acid in our stomach and these days we frequently consume acidic substances, for example, orange juice. This increases the likelihood of having stomach problems, hence to avoid that drinking alkaline water can help.

Earthen Pots for free and without any fancy technology can help reduce your acidic and gastric problems hugely. Thus it can be considered a healthy practice to drink water from earthen pots. Doesn’t that sound like the best deal ever to you?


Here we only talked about, not all. This speaks volumes about truly how great Surahis are, and how right Anand Mahindra was in preferring Earthen Pots over Refrigerators. What do you think? Do you agree with Anand Mahindra? Comment below.

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