Sometimes fashion trends change without our predictions. Especially in recent years, when social media has taken a big impact on our lives. On the bright side, of course, we can quickly identify trends that are becoming hot topics, one of which is shaping dresses.

Nowadays, shapewear is not only used as an undergarment but can be modified with certain designs and even transformed into flattering outfits for your special occasions, thanks to the great improvements in design, control and features. Shaping dress is part of the modern shapewear that hit the fashion world and is now taking over the trend since the beginning of this year. If you’ve seen fashion influencers looking stunning just by wearing a minimalist dress, now you know the secret.

Previously, shapewear bodysuits were popular as stylish tops, now shapewear dresses are what women are starting to hunt for. The practicality and versatility of a shapewear dress are the main reasons why this item is so popular. Just imagine, you can enjoy flattering style, shaping effect and comfort in one piece of clothing! If you seem impatient to try your own shapewear dress, well, wait a minute. Read a few things below before you pay for the shaper dress you choose, so you don’t get screwed up!

Choose High Quality Fabrics


The material is essential. However, shaping dress is an instant body shaper that uses certain techniques in the modification process to achieve a trendy design without sacrificing its effectiveness and comfort. It comes with moderate to firm compression to meet your shaping needs. To ensure you get a proper sculpting effect as well as a comfortable feeling when wearing the shaping dress, choose products that are made from high-quality materials.

Popular shapewear brands, such as Shapellx, have experience in carrying out innovations to create comfortable and effective modern shapewear. They use high-density yet flexible and lightweight materials to balance compression and comfort. The material composition is carefully considered, for example a combination of nylon, spandex and polyester. The goal, to provide precise control on your breasts, tummy, waist to buttocks. It’s also important to choose breathable and smooth fabrics for added comfort, especially if you plan on wearing your shaping dress all day.

Flattering Design To Elevate Your Silhouette


If you visit the Shapellx website and browse through their built-in shapewear dress collection, you might forget that these products are actually shapewear. The flattering designs offered allow you to have more choices of chic and adorable styles, from ruched designs, one-shoulder necklines to gorgeous maxi styles. Even the basic design looks flattering because the cuts are perfect.

You may be used to choosing dresses based on your body shape, but shaping dresses embrace all diversity and will compliment any body shape. Even better, the shaping dress hugs your body to create a smoother silhouette and elevate your figure in seconds. If you’re not confident enough to style in a bodycon dress, don’t worry, a shaping dress is a better alternative to make you look and feel your best.

Stick To Neutral Colors


If you are looking for a shapewear dress that can be your go-to attire for all seasons, stick to neutral colors. Colors like black, gray or brown are always perfect for any occasion and never look out of style year round. You might also like royal blue, which is more luxurious and elegant on all skin tones. Even though it’s not the main thing, the color selection of the shaping dress plays a significant role in creating the illusion of an amazing slender body. Neutral colors also look minimalist and will make it easier for you to mix and match your shaping dress with various accessories, bags or shoes.

Questions About Underwear


You can take advantage of the shapewear sale to get a trendy shaping dress in the best deal. But before actually putting them on and going out confidently, you might be wondering about the underwear. What bra and underwear should you wear so it doesn’t ruin your look and stay comfortable?

If this is your first time wearing a shaping dress, you need to know a few things to relieve your worries. Basically the shaping dress is designed in such a way as to give practical wear of shapewear wrapped in a body-fitting dress in just one convenient step, and allow you to go underwear-free.

Shaping dresses come with a built-in bra and detachable cups to support your boobs and keep them secure without having to wear an extra bra. It also has an open crotch design to make it easier for you to go to the toilet while wearing your shaping dress all day long. Isn’t that definitely practical? You don’t need to budget for new underwear, because a shaping dress gives you everything from style to comfort and control!

Cinch Your Waist


Shaping dresses can indeed help you achieve curvy figures instantly. But, believe me, after seeing how flattering your silhouette is in the shaping dress, it will make you more eager to get your permanent ideal body shape. So, strive for regular exercise!

Exercise is not only good for physical fitness but can also maintain your weight and give you the ideal body shape. When your weight is maintained and your muscle mass increases, the unflattering fat lumps will disappear. With a perfect hourglass body shape, you will have more choices of gorgeous styles to try on besides your favorite shapewear dress. You can build up your enthusiasm and mood for exercising by wearing Shapellx’s trendy activewear and wearing the right waist trainer as gym gear to help your body burn calories faster.

Well, are you ready to try shaping dress now? This trend is currently very popular, so you have to run fast to get your best shaping dress at Shapellx or other customers will snatch it up!

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