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In this article: “How to Become a Hacker? What is Ethical Hacker? What Are Hacker Programs? Why Do I Want To Be A Hacker? How much Ethical Hackers earn? We answered all your questions like. Here’s everything you need to know about the hacker in this post. Enjoyable readings..

How to Become a Hacker in Style?

To become a hacker, you need to know many software languages ​​very well. Moreover, you have to know these software languages ​​in English. In order to become a hacker, you must learn the necessary programming languages ​​very well and practice a lot.

Software and Programs Used by Hackers; C, C ++, Perl, Php, Java, Delphi, Python

Software programs such as visual basic are among the most important programs to be hackers.

As the operating system; Windows, Kali Linux, Unix

By using many systems and programs such as, you step into this area. You have to work hard to learn these languages ​​that are not as easy as it seems.

Are Hackers Given Salary? How Much Money Do Hackers Make?

This group, known as black hat hackers, has no problem in making money. If they are capable, they can earn as much money as they want illegally. In America, a hacker can earn up to $30 million a year. However, the salaries of hackers with CEH Course in Middle East working in cyber defenses can differ according to their skills and abilities. For example, a white hacker working in a software company in cyber defense in the US earns about $41 per hour.

In other words, hackers with white hats can earn around $40,000 per year legally. However, official government agencies follow the traces of the money they stole, not what hackers who do not want to work legally, and sooner or later catch and penalize that hacker.

Read This Information If You Want To Be A Hacker And Be A Style!

Hackers are never ordinary people. They have their own sense of humor, a way and a method. The technical characteristics of these people who work in the upper head structure are as follows:

  • They know how to write well and fast in their native language,
  • They read books and magazines with lots of science fiction content and watch movies with the same content,
  • They attach great importance to personal sports.
  • Analytical music ears are very good point.
  • They read a lot and do a lot of trial and error to improve their understanding of wordplay.

A good hacker with Cloud Computing Training in Abu Dhabi will never do a job badly or compromise on discipline.

Finally, we can explain a few things you should not do as follows.

  • Hackers don’t like to brag,
  • They never argue on any platform,
  • They don’t make themselves call themselves “cybermaniacs”, and they don’t mind those who say,
  • They do not write e-mails full of spelling and grammar mistakes,
  • Hackers’ memories are very strong and they never make a mistake they make at first,

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