Commercial Paper Shredding Options

Paper Shredding

A lot of people do not put much thought into the destruction of personal and sensitive documents. Some might have a small paper shredder, some might not even bother with a shredder at all. At home, it is easy to forget about the kind of information you are handing over to those who are happy to dig it out of a garbage can. But at work, it is your legal responsibility to properly take care of your document shredding Gold Coast. When you have a high volume to be destroyed that means investing in a more powerful shredding machine or two or hiring paper shredding services.

Is it safe to use a paper shredding service?

The priority of anyone considering using another business to take care of shredding their highly sensitive documents is to know whether it is safe to do so. The concern of course is workers at the shredding company reading your documents and keeping data. When it is passing from one hand to another you have no control over it.
But in practice your documents actually do not pass through as many hands you are worried about, and those workers are all investigated before being hired to make sure they are trustworthy. A lot of movement happens via tractors and cranes. Plus consider the volume of documents their site sees. That and the security measures they have in place means in the huge majority of cases, professional shredding services are trustworthy.

On-site shredding for optimal security

If you need to use commercial paper shredding services that are the peak in safety you could opt to pay a little more for their on-site shredding option, sometimes called mobile shredding. A truck comes to your business with a heavy-duty shredder on it, once a week, or as scheduled. On-site, you have a secure container that holds the documents. On their truck is a crane that can pick up the container and empty it into the huge shredder. The papers are instantly shredded as your employee or you witness it. This has been designed for maximum security needs.

Heavy-duty shredding machines

Another option for on-site shredding is for you to handle your own commercial paper shredding needs by getting your own shredders. You can get some pretty heavy-duty machines that can take large amounts of documents along with things like paper clips and staples too where once those things would jam and break it! You do need to make sure they are well maintained and breakdowns can be costly. You also need to consider whether that cost, on top of the time you pay someone to shred paper, is worth it.


Not properly shredding sensitive documents whether at home or the office is dangerous. Whatever size business you own, whatever amount of document shredding Gold Coast you create, you need to work out the best option to handle it. Protecting that information is an investment in ensuring you do not have issues with data breaches and identity theft.

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