Balancing Indulgences: How to Enjoy Guilt-Free Desserts with Your Cold Brew Coffee Fix

Cold brew coffee is a stress-buster, a mood healer, and an energy booster for all those caffeine addicts. We understand this drink is your best friend forever, but don’t you think your coffee also needs a companion? There are several desserts readily available in the market that can be partnered with your coffee. 

However, not every dessert can give the kick that a few can. We know that you are in search of those few desserts that we are talking about. Don’t worry because this is precisely what we have covered in this blog. So keep your cold brew coffee ready because tasty and guilt free desserts are right on your doorstep. 

Desserts to Enjoy with Your Coffee that Come with Zero Guilt

Here are some of the best guilt free desserts to give some sweet tickles to your tongue but not a bad time for your health:

  1. Vegan Hazelnut Caramel – Dark Chocolate Bar

Curated with caramelized barley malt syrup and roasted hazelnuts, this vegan hazelnut caramel dark chocolate bar is something to die for. You are a chocolate lover, you must try it. It is not just dark chocolate, it is all organic straight from the highly bio-diverse regions of the Deccan plateau.

  1. Quinoa Biscotti

Biscuits are the best snacks that can be taken with your cold brew coffee. But when these biscuits are explicitly curated for fitness freaks, it is like icing on the cake. Unsalted butter, coconut sugar, egg, gluten-free flour, quinoa flour, salt, apricots, almonds, pecans, pistachios, vanilla, and lemon zest are the ingredients that set these quinoa biscotti apart from other standard biscuits.

  1. Fig & Dark Raisin Granola

Whenever we think about healthy breakfast, the first thing that comes to our mind is granola. Perfect for your guilt free desserts, a healthy breakfast, or just a fulfilling snack, this fig and dark raisin granola will take you on cloud 9. Perfect for a sweet punch without consuming sugar, you must not miss out on this gluten-free granola dessert.

  1. Almond Butter & Dark Chocolate Fudge With Stevia

Talking about companions for coffee, daily dessert bites are the best option. When curated with 100% healthy and fulfilling ingredients, almond butter & dark chocolate fudge with stevia becomes one of the tastiest guilt free desserts. Creamy almond butter is what makes this dark chocolate fudge one of the best companions for your cold brew coffee.

  1. Berry Crunch & Vanilla Granola

Yes, granola once again, because why not? Made with pure jaggery and no sugar, this is the perfect treat for our fitness freak buddies. Don’t worry if you are gluten intolerant because berry crunch and vanilla granola are gluten- and grain-free. With zero preservatives, this delicious granola is made with healthy fat and is rich in omega 3 and 6. You can either munch it as it is or mix it with milk or yogurt. This dessert is an allrounder. 

  1. Almond & Dark Chocolate Cookies

No desserts’ list is complete without cookies. Our staple, most favorite, and delicious almond and dark chocolate cookies are not just scrumptious but healthy, too. We know this combination is a rare one when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth, but we have found a way. Made with all-organic dark chocolate, almond flour, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and vanilla extract and sweetened with jaggery, this dessert is undoubtedly a drool-worthy one. 

  1. Assorted Fudge Box

We know that fudges make you overwhelmed, and it is hard to choose anyone. This is why we have a perfect solution for you: an assorted fudge box. With all the immaculate, guilt-free fudges, this is like a dream come true. Eight chunks will take your taste buds straight to heaven, and you will want more for sure.

  1. Spiced Granola

Jaggery with a kick of spice is something worth trying. Granola, being the center of attention, is curated with rolled oats, mixed dried fruit, mixed seeds, pecans, pistachios, almonds, coconut oil, coconut flakes, jaggery, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, sea salt, and vanilla extract to make your mouth a happy haven. So get on a sweet and spicy journey with this delicious spiced granola.

Over to You!

Wasn’t this the most drool-worthy blog you have ever read? We know that these scrumptious desserts have given you a sweet craving. So satisfy your cravings with Third Roast and enjoy the best guilt free desserts delivered right at your doorstep. Do not let your cold brew coffee stay alone, give it a sweet little companion with these guilt free desserts and keep your taste buds happy. 

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