Agnisar Pranayama Steps And Benefits

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Do you know what is the right way to do Agnisara Pranayama, if not then here we have explained in detail how to do Agnisara Pranayama and what are its benefits?

Agnisara pranayama is one of the forms of Pranayama that comes with many health benefits.

This pranayama plays a very important role to make your immune system function in the right way. Being a pranayama type of asana, Agnisara pranayama is also a breathing technique asana that brings your complete focus on your breathing.

That’s why today we have brought this article for you, after reading this, you will get to know how to do Agnisara Pranayama and what are the benefits of Agnisara Pranayama, so let’s start.

What is Agnisara Pranayama?

“Agnisara Pranayama” is one of the most important forms of pranayama that any person can practice. It is also considered essential pranayama in yoga literature in the pranayama like Anulom-antonyms, Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Udgith, and Bahya, etc.

This asana and its breathing process help in regulating and balancing the Manipur Chakra. It acts as a great way to remove toxins from the body and boost the immune system. Agnisara is basically a yoga practice related to the navel which has maximum effect on the area of ​​the navel.

In “Agnisara Pranayama”, Agni means fire and Sara means basic element. Agnisara is a cleansing yoga that protects your body from diseases by keeping your digestive system clean and healthy. It helps in digestion by keeping your stomach fit and aids in the secretion of digestive juices. Let us know how to do Agnisara Pranayama.

How to do Agnisar Pranayama?

Whenever you do this asana, closely follow the techniques of performing Agnisara Pranayama which is mentioned below.

  • Sit on your yoga mat in the posture of Padmasana and place both your hands on your knees and sit in meditation posture.
  • Concentrate on breathing while closing your eyes.
  • Breathe and exhale, then take a long breath and exhale slowly and hold your breath.
  • While trying to touch your stomach deeply inside, start shrinking your belly and back and forth.
  • In this condition, you still exhale slowly. Keep steady and take deep breaths.
  • Abdominal expansion and contraction should be performed at least ten times.
  • You can start it for about 5 minutes in the initial stages and then gradually increase it to about 15 minutes.
  • You can also do this yoga by standing, in which you have to keep a gap of half the split between your legs and bending the upper part of your body at 60 degrees, keep your hands on the knees and process the process of sitting in front.
  • Repeat the process again.

Tips for Agnisar Pranayama

  • Agnisara pranayama should always be done during the morning hours when you have cleaned your bowel and completed all the morning chores. If you want to do this activity in the evening, then make sure that you do this pranayama at least four hours after taking your meal.
  • In the winter months, the Agnisara Kriya should be performed according to the procedure outlined above. On summer days, Agnisara Kriya should be done after performing Sheetali Pranayam.
  • While practicing Agnisara Kriya, a person should eat only pure and simple vegetarian food. It is important to avoid eating any type of oily, fried, heavy, non-vegetarian food. Additionally, smoking and alcohol consumption should be completely avoided.
  • It is important that you practice this action to the best of your ability. Never force yourself to do so as it can have harmful consequences. No amount of air should be inhaled while exhaling.

Benefits of Agnisar Pranayama

The main advantages and benefits of Agnisar Pranayama are mentioned below, which you may not aware of before reading this blog.

  • Agnisara pranayama is one of the best asanas for strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  • It focuses on clinically excluding stomach poisoning that can improve abdominal muscles and relieve digestive disorders. It is an excellent pranayama for the abdomen.
  • Agnisarak kriya can help in curing lung disorders as it involves a strong rhythm of breathing and exhalation. This type of strong breathing technique empties the lungs of phlegm and cough and thus ensures healthy breathing.
  • This process helps in regulating the fire element of the body which in turn helps to maintain energy levels throughout the day. It also maintains body heat and removes sleep.
  • This action plays a very important role when it comes to rejuvenating organs which can also hinder the aging process. It can also help the youth to stay young for longer.
  • Agnisara Kriya helps in increasing the blood flow within the body.
  • Agnisara is basically an internal activity that involves digestion and exhaling of the abdominal muscles. This process helps in massaging the internal organs, especially the abdomen.
  • Regular practice of this pranayama helps in removing your complaints like constipation and acidity.
  • This practice can stimulate the pancreas and liver and cure obesity problems and diabetes.
  • It can also cure problems like fever and asthma.

Precautions to be taken while Agnisar Pranayama

  • Patients with hernias, diarrhea, intestinal problems, and high blood pressure should never practice Agnisar Pranayama.
  • If you have recently had an abdominal operation, you should not do this action. Make sure that you start practicing it at least after a few months under the professional guidance of a yoga guru.
  • If you experience feelings of physical pain and fatigue while practicing it (Agnisar Pranayama), stop doing it immediately.
  • Patients with ear, eye and nose problems should not practice this activity.
  • The practice of Agnisara Kriya can help your body heal diabetes naturally and can help strengthen your internal organs. Practice this action only under the strict guidance of a professional yoga teacher.

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Hope after knowing all these benefits, you will never have to say how to do Agnisar Pranayam and what are the benefits of doing Agnisar Pranayama.

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